Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars™, Play the Soccer in a Different Way

The name may not seem suitable to what you get inside the game, but Soccer Stars has still got a huge success. It is a game, which looks quite similar to billiards, but it is a soccer game.  The developer Mini Clip didn’t think it would be fine to present another ball-kicking soccer game. So, it had introduced a new way of playing soccer. The solid orbs in the game are the players, which you can bounce around the arena to hit the goal. You should the ball like using a queue ball to hit another ball in the pocket. There are many interesting things, which you would like to know before playing this game. So, let’s reveal some more details.


Playing this game is quite a simple task. The gameplay will seem pretty similar to some famous games like Pool Live Tour and Angry Birds. You can also gain an upper hand on your opponents, if you have played hockey. Two players can play Soccer Stars at a time and each team will have five paddles on the pitch. This game has turn based gameplay and you need to wait for your turn. You need to launch one of five paddles towards the ball and you also need to create a tactical formation for the defense. Your opponent will win, if the ball falls in your goalpost and you will win, if you hit the ball in your opponent’s goal post.

You may think it is quite easy to hit the goals and win the game, but things are quite different here. There will be many paddles on the pitch and you cannot take a straight shot to hit the goal. You need to hit the ball on the edge of the pitch to take it near the goal post. All you need to do is provide the directions for the shot and hitting the goals.

You can play it in real time:

The Soccer Stars is one of those Smartphone games, which allow you to compete against real users and meet many new strangers. It would be an amazing experience because you can find the opponent from any random country. There are millions of people, who play this game. Thus, you can meet new people and make them friends. Or, you can enjoy a tough competition against those users and show them your talent in soccer.

Graphics and sounds:

You should not expect 3D players and high-quality graphics, if you are playing this game. It has a very basic design and basic graphics. Your players will be identical because these pucks will have the flag of your selected country. You will get an aerial view of the stadium and the pucks will look quite large on the pitch. The developers have used several different sounds to improve the players’ excitement. That’s all you get in Soccer Stars.

It is quite an impressive game, but it does not look like a real soccer game. However, thousands of people play it daily and compete against the real players to test their soccer skills.

Hints and Cheats

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